New Year, New Space, <br />New Way of Banking!
New Year, New Space,
New Way of Banking!

Student Center Branch Renovation

We're excited to bring you new technology, a more interactive, streamlined branch experience, and more of the services you need; including cash transactions, and virtual teller machines!

And during construction, we're still available to support your financial needs. Visit our "pop-up" branch just a few steps away from the Student Center Branch!

Stop by our new branch in March 2017 to see how MIT FCU is continuing to provide a higher degree of banking.

You can also follow our progress as we enhance the branch experience for our members. Watch for updates to this page, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-the minute news!


Tech Bar

The new Student Center branch will feature a Tech Bar, a set of four iPads situated in the member service area. Each of the iPads will be equipped with microsites offering information on saving and spending, borrowing and the credit union itself.

Users can learn about accounts, rates and membership. Applications for memberships and loans can also take place on the dedicated iPads.

Virtual Teller Machines (VTM)

Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs) combine the high level, personalized service provided by a live teller, who appears on screen to assist with transactions, with enhanced ATM functionality. Members and VTM tellers will interact by way of video screens and prompts. VTM tellers, while not on site at the Student Center location, work remotely from our 700 Technology Square offices.

The new location will feature two VTMs and one ATM. When the office is closed, and the Student Center building is open, all three teller machines will function as ATMs.


VTM services include:

- No deposit slips required

- Extended hours of service

- Deposit checks, receive cash back, loan payments or account transfers

- Still the same level of service and CU tellers you've come to expect from MIT FCU

Pop-Up Branch


Pop-Up Location:

  • M - F  10:00am - 3:00pm

Tech Square Branch Hours have been extended temporarily to support our Student Center members

  • M-T-W-F  8:30 - 4:30
  • Th  8:30 - 5:30


- Deposits via ATM only 

- Loan payments

- Account opening

- Check – based withdrawals

- Cashiers Checks

- Debit and Credit Card PIN assistance

- Notary

- Statements Printed

- Account issues

Meet the Student Center Staff

Vikas Chhabra | Branch Manager

Vikas has been with MIT FCU as the Student Center Branch Manager
for two years. He enjoys assisting members to meet their financial
needs and is excited for our members to experience the newly
renovated branch.





Kenneth Holgersen | Assistant Branch Manager

Kenny has been with MIT FCU as the Student Center Assistant
Branch Manager for nine months. During this time, he has
had the pleasure of assisting members with their
financial needs. Kenny looks forward to continuing to help
members in the new branch.




Madri Vora | Senior Member Relations Representative

Madri has been with MIT FCU as a Senior Member Relations
Representative for a year. She is excited to see new and old
members again in the new Student Center branch where she'll
be able to assist them with all our new technology.




Rahel Arega | Senior Member Relations Representative

Rahel has been with MIT FCU for a year and a half. She started as a
Member Relations Representative and was promoted to a Senior Member
Relations Representative in December 2016. She looks forward to
demonstrating the new technology to members, and providing them with
the exceptional level of service they have come to expect.




Emily Bullock | Virtual Teller

Emily has been with MIT FCU for 7 months. As a Member Relations
Representative, she has enjoyed assisting members with their day to day
transactions and making their lives eaiser. Emily looks forward to providing
this same assistance in her new role as Virtual Teller.




Ariana McClintic | Virtual Teller

Ariana has been with MIT FCU for 9 months. She has enjoyed assisting
members as a Member Relations Representative and is excited to be a
part of the rollout of our new Virtual Teller Machines, in her role as
Virtual Teller.




Kathy Castro | Virtual Teller

Kathy has been with MIT FCU for a year and a half as a Member Relations
Representative. She is excited to be one of the first Virtual Tellers for the
credit union and looks forward to utilizing this new technology to assist 

Renovation Updates

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